Our partners

As you expected, we only cooperate with the top elite brands in each industry to bring you a truly outstanding experience. Cooperation with these brands makes our products more extraordinary and your experience more unique


We share the same pursuit with Bentley brand - elegant British luxury temperament and uncompromising perfect performance. Our two brands are models of low-key elegance, internal luxury and outstanding technology, and our cooperation is natural. The crystallization of this cooperation is the exclusive Vertu for Bentley limited edition mobile phone and content.

the London Symphony Orchestra is the most recorded Orchestra in history. In the world-class London recording hall, they create Vertu's exclusive ringtone and prompt tone through unique high-level performance, bringing you exclusive grand symphony sound effect

The National Gallery of London has one of the world's great collections of paintings. As a world-renowned British art institution, the National Gallery of London's global strategic vision makes its cooperation with Vertu natural.