Vertu is committed to selecting the most precious and durable materials to create excellent and unparalleled products and constantly surpass them to create brand charm. We persevere in innovation and development, adhere to our commitment to create an extraordinary experience for you, and write legends.

February 1998

Frank Nuovo, our chief designer, painted the original design。

October 1998

Vertu was established with the approval of Nokia's board of directors.

October 1998

The production criteria of natural and durable exotic rare materials and the standard of relying on pure manual technology are established

April 2000

Decided to use precision Swiss watch screws。

June 2000

A team of professional R & D professionals from all walks of life was secretly established。

July 2000

Vertu's headquarters in England was built。

January 2001

The right angle rotary locking device is designed and formed to fully reflect the mechanical beauty.

March 2001

The complex processing process of sapphire crystal is perfectly formed to create the world's largest decorative sapphire crystal (69.25 carats).

July 2001

Signature The first prototype of mobile phone keyboard was born. After three years of careful honing, we finally created a perfect key tone。

September 2001

Vertu mobile phone assembly training center was established. Every Vertu mobile phone is made by hand. It takes up to a year to learn the whole process of perfectly assembling a Vertu mobile phone.

October 2001

Vertu Signature The mobile phone obtained the authoritative certification issued by the Swiss Inspection Bureau and became the first electronic product to win this award。

January 2002

In a scenic spot overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the world's first luxury mobile phone Vertu signature was unveiled.

September 2002

Vertu personal assistant service received the first service request - booking a ticket from London to New York.

June 2003

Laser drilling keyboard won patent。

January 2004

The second mobile phone series Vertu ascent was officially released. Ascent is inspired by supercars。

June 2004

Plasma ceramic hearing pillow comes out。

April 2005

The 10000 Vertu mobile personal assistant service was successfully completed。

August 2005

Carbon fiber materials are used in mobile phones for the first time

October 2005

Ascent The prototype of the mobile phone was tested and intact。

December 2005

Signature Precious Series come out。

February 2006

Vertu Ascent Legendary track series mobile phones available。

June 2006

The third series Vertu constellation was launched, enabling the world's first ceramic keyboard。

September 2007

Vertu Ascent Ti Appear。

October 2008

Signature The mobile phone was improved and re launched。

November 2008

Created by Vertu and inspired by Ferrari, ascent Ti Ferrari series mobile phones are available。

April 2009

Vertu Signature The mobile phone won the top award in the design industry: the red dot award。

July 2009

Vertu V Accessories series available。

July 2009

Following the popularity of ascent Ti, Vertu launched a tough carbon fiber mobile phone.

September 2009

Vertu's first flip phone launched:Constellation Ayxta。

March 2010

Grand opening of the new Vertu concept design store。

March 2010

Vertu Kissho Series available。

April 2010

Ascent X Appear。

October 2010

Created by Vertu and inspired by Ferrari, Ferrari ascent GT series mobile phones are available。

October 2010

First luxury smartphone constellation quest launched。

March 2011

Vertu, together with Richard Wilson, installed Works of art and established the global art council at the sage Gallery in London。

June 2011

Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre Carbon fiber series release。

September 2011

Mother of pearl shell shosai Kitamura series launched。

October 2011

The new constellation series mobile phones were grandly released in Milan。

October 2011

Vertu Quality assurance service launch。

October 2011

Vertu launched a new service for users, offering users the privilege of entering private clubs around the world。

January 2012

Created by Vertu and inspired by Ferrari. Constellation quest Ferrari series is launched with exclusive Ferrari services。

April 2012

The first vogue Carnival sponsored by Vertu opened in London。

May 2012

Constellation Candy Series launch, comparable fashion accessories。

June 2012

Vertu joined hands with the Smile Train charity foundation to launch the constellation smile series, which provides cleft lip and palate repair surgery for poor children around the world。

October 2012

Vertu joined hands with fashion brand Italia independent and its chief designer LaPO Elkann to launch constellation blue series mobile phones。

November 2012

For the first time, the brand-new signature zirconium style with extremely lightweight and strong zirconium metal structure is introduced, which demonstrates Vertu's tireless pursuit of leading design。

February 2013

Vertu is the first Android ™ The advent of the operating system smartphone Vertu Ti has led Vertu into a new era。

February 2013

Vertu life service came out to recommend customized courtesy, selection activities and extraordinary experience for Vertu users。

February 2013

Vertu quality assurance launched encrypted communication services through cooperation with silent circle。

June 2013

Pure chocolate has become a new style in the classic Signature Series。

August 2013

Vertu launches Vertu Ti Ferrari limited edition. Two brands. Common unremitting pursuit。

October 2013

Extraordinary Vertu constellation series。

March 2014

Constellation Add a new member to the collection - unique and exquisite alligator skin style。

April 2014

Constellation The launch of alphabetic pattern printing service allows customers to print their initials on Vertu mobile phones for the first time, and choose from a variety of fashion colors to design their own personalized mobile phones。

May 2014

The beautiful constellation gemstones limited edition comes out. Each one is integrated with 80 rose rubies or 80 licorice sapphires, which are accurately embedded in the level 5 titanium shell。

June 2014

Signature touch series comes out. Bang & Olufsen's precise tuning, Hasu's calibrated camera, and high-performance processor - all these have once again established Vertu's core position in the field of luxury technology products。

July 2014

Vertu announced its five-year exclusive partnership with Bentley. The two brands share the same pursuit of British technology, contemporary elegant aesthetics, luxury performance and technology。

October 2014

Vertu introduces elegant and unique aster style, which combines fashion design, extraordinary audio-visual effect and network connectivity with seemingly casual deep skills。

September 2015

Together with Bentley, we proudly launched the second mobile phone in the cooperation series, unveiling the mystery of aesthetic signature for Bentley。

October 2015

In the new signature touch touch screen series, we integrate exquisite British technology, advanced technology and exclusive services to continue our commitment to extraordinary experience。

January 2016

This powerful and modern new smartphone is the crystallization of our long-term cooperation with Bentley, which embodies our common values and our accurate and exquisite skills。