Vertu private housekeeper service

One click to open an extraordinary life born to beauty

Dear sir, welcome to Vertu private housekeeper service world

  • Vertu always adheres to the brand concept of "creating extraordinary"
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Occupy the highland of elite life and serve Vertu celebrities

  • As the exclusive service of Vertu mobile phone users
  • Vertu integrates global resources and occupies the highland of elite life
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Enjoy special rights and interests and "high determination" life with one click

  • Vertu private housekeeper service is your passport to elite life
  • Select high-end catering, business travel, health care, culture and sports, overseas study
  • Global real estate, financial management and other fields
  • Provide standardized services from high frequency to customized services at low frequency
  • No matter where you are in the world, just a voice, a phone call or an email
  • Your Vertu private Housekeeper will provide global 7 * 24-hour 1-to-1 housekeeper service
  • You just need to leave the "cumbersome" to the housekeeper, and Vertu will provide you with the most wise choice with a rational attitude
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Born to beauty, touch life and see extraordinary

  • Vertu private housekeeper service is also the door for you to open an extraordinary world
  • Under our careful arrangement, you will:
  • Exposure to global sports events
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  • Enjoy a luxurious dinner on the stage of Budapest national opera house
  • Share private dinner with dignitaries of the queen of England and communicate face to face
  • Meet famous chefs all over the world in Michelin star restaurant and taste the exclusive customized taste menu
  • Stay on a private island, explore the mysteries of nature, and enjoy it in the world's Secret resorts

Professional team, worry free service, peace of mind to understand you

  • Vertu private housekeepers have British housekeeper level professional quality and knowledge
  • Deeply understand your habits and needs, and strive to provide you with carefully selected "high setting" services
  • No matter where you are, Vertu private Housekeeper will be on call 24 hours a day
  • Carefully collect the highlights of the world to help you open up the infinite possibilities of a bright world