One click to open an extraordinary life born to beauty

Vertu life private housekeeper service is upgraded online to open an extraordinary life born to beauty

Dear Sir

Thank you for choosing Vertu (latitude map) mobile phone designed to create extraordinary

After eight months of careful preparation, Vertu private housekeeper service has been upgraded and launched

At present, the upgraded private housekeeper service is still in the trial operation stage at the initial stage of launch. On the premise of ensuring the service quality, the service time is temporarily set from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. every day. During the service period, you can communicate with the housekeeper through Vertu life app or call the private housekeeper hotline. We promise to upgrade to 7 * 24-hour service as soon as possible

The new Vertu life (weft life) is designed to provide British private housekeeper service for VIPs using Vertu mobile phones, open a noble channel into extraordinary quality life, build an elite quality life scheme, meet your picky taste and unique needs, and lead privilege claims

Vertu has always advocated a high-quality lifestyle. Since its establishment nearly 20 years ago, Vertu has been associated with Chinese elite people for a long time. This new upgrade of Vertu life is committed to exclusively customizing British quality life for Chinese elite people, realizing perfect experience with luxury technology and creating extraordinary life with British private housekeeper service

If you have any comments or suggestions during the trial operation stage, please call 132-6106-1666 for feedback

May Vertu life accompany you to open an extraordinary life born to beauty

Vertu China VIP Service Department

December 2017