Luxury interpreted by vertu

Lies in the extreme refinement of every product detail

It also lies in the full investment of every considerate service

This perfection beyond itself will be engraved in time like a work of art

Where the eye goes and where the heart goes

Vertu's first full screen mobile phone

Front camera embedded minimalist design, 6.3-inch ultra narrow frame, full screen

With high dynamic range and high pixel density, it can realistically restore the real color

Create an immersive shock experience

Like a startling Hong

Vertu life vision continues Vertu's unique romantic aesthetic design

minimalist full screen with artistic temperament

join hands with modern back shell to show thousands of styles

except for orthodox jet black and amber brown calfskin

you can also choose the cool and unruly exotic lizard skin

or charming and elegant checked canvas

the combination of colorful colors and style materials shows elegant taste

a stunning face and a glimpse of the city

Every inch, the luxury is natural

three different styles of back shell materials are decorated with embedded polished metal logo

enjoy luxury wherever your senses can reach

select European calf leather with ingenuity

retain delicate and moving natural textures

create a gentle skin touch

specially coated canvas

unique V-shaped retro check pattern

durable and elegant

exotic rare lizard skin

unique texture of water drop luster

unleash your personality with bright colors

High end customized service

we will also provide MTO (made to order)

customized services for rare leather, precious metals and jewelry

create a unique and exclusive mobile phone for you

"Gaoding" life, one key to open

Vertu's well-known private housekeeper service is also your gateway to the extraordinary world

We will select high-end catering, business travel, health care

Cultural movement, overseas study, global real estate, financial management and other fields

Regularly push special membership interests for you

Wherever you are

Just press the Vertu private housekeeper button

The private Housekeeper will be on standby 24 hours a day

Let the busy you go and enjoy the world

The private Housekeeper will also have an in-depth understanding of your habits and needs

Whether high-frequency standardized services or low-frequency customized services

We will all provide the most wise choice with a rational attitude

Help you open up the infinite possibilities of a bright world

Wisdom and beauty

Rear 48 megapixel + 5 megapixel dual camera

Support 4K HD camera

Make every frame worth collecting

Front 20 megapixel camera

It has dark light image quality comparable to professional cameras

Quick focus system makes it easy to freeze beautiful moments

Smell it Know the person

Vertu's iconic classical ringtone

Specially invited famous and elegant soundtrack masters to compose music

Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

Elegant melody highlights the style of famous officials

Surging power to enjoy the audio-visual feast

4500mAh high capacity battery ensures excellent endurance

with intelligent power management technology

bring more efficient and lasting use experience

convenient and carefree

Excellent safety

3D face unlocking technology is convenient and reliable

Vtalk communication encryption system exclusive to vertu

Security app with Vertu exclusive ID

Ensure information security